2018 Latin Grammy Winners

2018 Latin Grammy Victors

Blavin, Karol G and Luis Miguel. – “There is no landslide victor at the 2018 Latin Grammy Honors, dropping Thursday night(

Nov. 15 )from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Instead, success have actually been dispersed across categories as well as designs with Jorge Drexler as well as Luis Miguel amongst the standouts. The 19th annual awards aired reside on Univision. For more, go to the Latin Grammys site. Right here are the winners: RECORD OF THE YEAR” Telefonía,”Jorge Drexler BEST URBAN TRACK “Dura,” Daddy Yankee ALBUMOF THE YEAR

¡ MÉXICO Por Siempre!, Luis Miguel


OF THE YEAR”Telefonía

,”Jorge Drexler, songwriter(





Vibras, JBalvin Label: Universal

Music Latino BEST SALSA CD

25/7, Víctor Manuelle Label

: Sony Music Latin BEST NORTEÑO CD Guerra De Poder, Quality 50 Los Ángeles Existen, Pesado IDEAL CHRISTIAN ALBUM(PORTUGUESE)Som Da Minha Vida, Fernanda Brum
)CD Caravanas


Elas Em Evidências, Chitãozinho & Xororó BEST PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE TRACK” As Caravanas,”Chico Buarque, songwriter(Chico Buarque)BEST INSTRUMENTAL CD Identidad, Miguel Siso BEST INDIVIDUAL CD Musas(Un Homenaje Al – Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos), Vol. 2, Natalia Lafourcade

BEST TANGO ALBUM Vitality Tanguero, Pedro Giraudo BEST FLAMENCO CD

Al Este Del Cante, Arcángel BEST LATINJAZZ/JAZZ ALBUM Natureza Universal, Hermeto Pascoal & Big Band IDEAL PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE ROOTS CD+AR, Almir Sater& Renato Teixeira IDEAL CHRISTIAN CD(SPANISH LANGUAGE)Setenta Veces Siete, Alfareros BEST & LATIN CHILDREN’SALBUM Imaginare, Claraluna FINEST

TIMELESS CD Mágica y Misteriosa, Claudia Montero; José Manuel

Domenech & Claudia Montero

, cd manufacturers IDEAL CLASSICAL MODERN COMPOSITION”Luces y Sombras. Concierto Para Guitarra y Orquesta De Cuerdas, “Claudia Montero BEST SETUP”Se Le Ve,

“Milton Salcedo, arranger(Milton

Salcedo feat. Amaury Gutiérrez, Carlos Oliva y Michel Puche)FINEST RECORDING BUNDLE”Diferentes Tipos De Luz,” Carlos Sadness

, art director(Carlos Sadness)BEST CUMBIA/VALLENATO ALBUM Esto Es Vida, Silvestre Dangond & BEST CONTEMPORARYTROPICAL ALBUM Vives, Carlos Vives BEST TRADITIONAL TROPICAL ALBUM A Mí Qué – Tributo A Los Clásicos Cubanos, José Alberto El Canario & El Septeto Santiaguero BEST EXOTIC

FUSION ALBUM Como Anillo Al Dedo, Aymee Nuviola BEST TROPICAL SONG”Quiero Tiempo,”Juan

Carlos Luces & Víctor Manuelle, songwriters(Víctor Manuelle feat.

Juan Luis Guerra)BEST SINGER-SONGWRITER CD Salvavidas De Hielo, Jorge Drexler IDEAL RANCHERO/MARIACHI ALBUM ¡ MÉXICO Por Siempre!, Luis Miguel BEST BANDA CD Los Gustos Que Me Doy, Banda Los Recoditos BEST TEJANO ALBUM Tex Mex Funk l, Roger Velásquez & The Latin Legendz BEST REGIONAL MEXICAN

TRACK “Probablemente,”Christian Nodal, songwriter(Christian Nodal )IDEAL ROCK ALBUM Expectativas, Enrique Bunbury BEST POP/ROCK ALBUM Geometría del Rayo, Manolo García BEST ROCK

SONG”Tu Vida Mi Vida,” Fito Páez, songwriter (Fito Páez)


Claroscura, Aterciopelados BEST CHOICE TRACK”Malamente,”Antón Alvarez Alfaro,

PabloDiaz-Reixa & Rosalía, songwriters(Rosalía)FINEST ENGINEERED CD

50 Años Tocando Para Ti, Rafa Sardina, engineer; Rafa Sardina, mixer; Eric Boulanger, mastering engineer MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR LindaBriceño BEST SHORT KIND MUSIC

VIDEO CLIP “Pa Dentro, “Juanes BEST LONG TYPE SONGS VIDEO”En Letra De Otro “(Docudrama

), Pedro Capó Diego Álvarez, video clip supervisor; Vicente Solís, video clip producer “

Cristiano Ronaldo Most Followed Person on Instagram Passing Selena Gomez

Cristiano Ronaldo The Majority Of Followed Person on Instagram Death Selena Gomez

Rosy Cordero of Latina.com records that the 2 most complied with individuals on Instagram are Latinos Cristiano Ronaldo adhered to by previous champ Selena Gomez. –

–”While Selena Gomezis taking a social media break, football star Cristiano Ronaldohas become the most adhered to individual on Instagram.

The vocalist and also actress has 144,345,570 followers on the popular social media sites site while the active daddy has 144,404,284 followers, as of press time. The margin is little however there’s no real competition as Gomez remains in therapy for psychological health concerns.

Not that her social reach has ever before actually mattered to the “Shake It Up” superstar. She’s taken place record to state she does not care one bit as to just how many fans she has.

Gomez entered a psychiatric center after experiencing a “mental break down,” according to TMZ resources, after receiving a reduced white blood cell count. This is essential for a person like the young star that has undergone a kidney transfusion.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, has had an active few months with his stunning partner Georgina Rodriguez and also their kids, as well as playing for a brand-new soccer team.

In the end, social networks followers do not matter, as Gomez has actually said.

“I understand my voice is really noticeable, however I’m not negligent with
&& #;

Follow us
, she informed Elle Publication.” I’m careful … That’s my life. I’m living it the means I wish to live it.

Yet it’s concerning making a conscious effort– if I can have a minute to be with my friends, I’ll take that time. So I don’t have any of it. I had to make that decision.””

Non-Religious Latinos Are Growing In Numbers

Non-Religious Latinos Are Growing In Numbers

Jackie Mejia of mitú reports that research shows many Latinos, especially young adults, are moving away from religious affiliations. –

“As a majority of U.S. Latinos, about 77 percent, identify as Christians according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center. Of those, 48 percent identifying as Roman Catholic and 19 percent identifying as Evangelical Protestant. It’s easy to see how some Latinos may not believe or approve of those who identify as Latino atheists.

Throughout centuries, Latinos have been linked to Christianity.

This was mostly through the indoctrination of faith by Spaniards who brought over the Roman Catholic faith to the New World.

A multitude of memes, films and television shows portray Latinos as lighting a saint candle as an ofrenda, praying for El Tri to finally make it to the fifth round in the World Cup, or exclaiming ¡Ay,Dios mío! as a colloquial form of expression, but what about those Latinos who identify as non-religious or atheist? They do in fact exist and are growing larger in numbers.

According to the 2014 Pew’s religious landscape survey, 20 percent of U.S. Latinos identify as unaffiliated with any religion.

Jessica Martinez, an author for the Pew study, told NBC News in 2014 that Latinos between the ages of 18-29 are leaving Catholicism for non-religious affiliation.

Although smaller in number than Roman Catholics, non-religious and atheist Latinos want you to know they have the same strong moral compass as the person next to them who is praying to St. Anthony to help them find a parking spot in downtown traffic.

Here’s what a couple Latino atheists have to say about their lack of faith.

Eddie, 24, of Salvadoran and Mexican descent, grew up attending Catholic school until he headed off to college at a public university. When he was a sophomore in college, a debate with a Christian group on campus solidified the fact he wanted to identify as non-religious.

“After having a conversation with a Christian organization on campus and asking ‘So if a Buddhist monk lives his life along the same values as Christianity, just because he has grown to accept his faith, especially since geographically Christianity might have a smaller presence, is he destined to go to hell?’ When the response was ‘Yes, he would go to hell.’, I knew this wasn’t for me,” he said.

Eddie added after reading holy books and creation stories from other civilizations, he didn’t see Christianity as being “that special or unique to other religions of the past.”

While some Latinos such as Eddie changed their beliefs once they got older, others were raised in a non-religious household and continued their non-religious beliefs into adulthood.

One person wants others to know that religion is not necessary to have good morals.

Born in Argentina, Val, 35, said he was raised in a family that often talked about life, ethics, and history.

“My personal upbringing differed [compared to religious Latinos] because from a very early age, we were never lied to, about anything. My parents did their best to explain the world without creating narratives to simplify the unknown.”

He doesn’t consider himself an atheist, but instead just doesn’t believe in God or in organized religion.

“I just believe in life and the true evolution of earth and human kind,” he said.

While both Eddie and Val said they have family, friends and work colleagues who accepted their non-religious views, some Latinos and other members of religious communities still have misconceptions about non-religious people and atheists.

“I find few Latinos that are atheist or that don’t feel internally sorry for me for being one,” says Matias, 39, who was born and raised in Argentina throughout his childhood.

He said the biggest misconception about atheists is “that without religion one has no morals or values. It’s absolutely ridiculous and insulting.”

“I am an atheist, and while we never know exactly how we evolved, I am convinced of the absence of god and any truth in religious beliefs. Rarely do I get very negative, aggressive responses. But again, very few agree or take it seriously within the Latino community I am with,” he continued.

While views about religion among especially older Latinos is still seen in a traditional way, the misrepresentation and under representation of atheists at large in media and pop culture is bound for a change—a change Eddie is still hopeful for.

“[Atheist and non-religious Latinos] are possibly more underrepresented, but that’s what makes this time so pivotal. In so many areas, including religion, people are able to break the status quo and define what a Latino or atheist can look like,” he said.”