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BillingTree’s ‘goodwill’ assisting many community charities including Future for Kids

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PHOENIX, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona headquartered BillingTree®, one of the nation’s premier payment solutions providers, announced its latest charitable event sponsorship today. The company will certainly be the presenting sponsor for the December 12thFuture for Youngsters 13th Annual Golf Classic at Whirlwind Golf Club. The event enhances cash to fund educational programs focused on academics, athletics and ethics for at-risk young people.

The charity golf tournament, which features an evening banquet hosted by Miss out on Arizona Alexa Rogers, entails a performance from Arizona singer-songwriter Ashley Wineland. This is the second time BillingTree has actually teamed up along with Future for Youngsters this year – in September the company sponsored the 2014 Youth Basketball Camp at Grand Canyon University.

Additional ‘goodwill’ recipients in 2014 included Florence Crittenton’s Teaming Up For Girls Luncheon and Season for Sharing, the annual holiday campaign of The Arizona Republic, and 12 News, which is a donor-advised fund of the Arizona Community Foundation. BillingTree employees additionally go on utilizing the long-standing company volunteering policy, supplying 3 paid office-hours per month per staff for personal causes. This employer-paid volunteer time regularly entails support for St. Mary’s Meals Bank, Feed My Hungry Children, and several various other organizations totaling over 1800 man-hours per year.

“BillingTree gives a generous percentage of its annual profit along along with hundreds of man-hours thanks to our Board’s philosophy on giving spine to the local community,” commented Scott McCollum, BillingTree’s Chairman. “It’s wonderful to share ‘goodwill’ and go on our job along with so numerous local charities through our employees’ time and sponsoring events enjoy the Future for Youngsters golf tournament.”

For a lot more article regarding getting involved or sponsoring the 13th Annual Golf Classic, interested parties Can easily visit the Future for Youngsters Website.

About Future for Youngsters
For 23 years Futures for Youngsters has actually been inspiring youth through the motto “academics, athletics, ethics.” Its vision is to give vulnerable youth along with the resources for a bright future. Operating along with the support of 600 volunteers Future for Youngsters offers once a week from school enrichment for at-risk youth involving homework help, ethics discussion and health and fitness activities. It additionally runs large-scale sport and health and fitness camps along with professional coaches and athletes, as well as a week-long summer camp focusing on health and fitness and nutrition.

About Founded in 1896, Florence Crittenton of Arizona has actually been dedicated to its mission of giving every girl whose life we touch safety, chance and opportunity. The agency has actually helped foster the recovery of girls and young women that have actually went through periods abuse, neglect, homelessness, poverty, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and/or mental instability. Florence Crittenton’s evidenced-based programs and services give housing, healthcare, education, counseling, and social support to young women and girls, ages 10-to-21. Florence Crittenton holds the charter for the state’s initial and only public, single-gender preparatory school, the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona (GLAAZ).

About Season for Sharing
Season for Sharing enhances awareness and dollars for non-profit 501(c)3 agencies. Now in its 21st year, Season for Sharing has actually generated a lot more compared to $53 million to guidance local agencies that serve at-risk Youngsters and families, boost educational skills, aid victims of domestic violence and aid older adults. every one of contributions are matched 50 cents on the dollar until donations reach $800,000. Additionally, 100% of every one of funds go to the agencies due to the fact that The Arizona Republic, and 12 News pay every one of administrative and fundraising costs.

About BillingTree
BillingTree’s mission has actually centered about helping companies along with growing their business by delivering cost-effective, compliant payment solutions that enhance and accelerate collections. Committed to and serving the accounts receivable industry for over a decade, BillingTree is the industry leader in the breadth of integrations along with core collection platform units and payment technologies, and in payment compliance. At BillingTree – Your Growth is Our Business. For a lot more information, visit or call 877.4.BILLTREE.

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Rent-to-Own Real Estate Key to Individual, Societal Economic Well-Being, According to Kinloch Partners, LLC Founder Bruce W. McNeilage

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The American Dream of homeownership has actually taken a giant step backward, and unless builders, investors and realtors create Brand-new pathways to ownership, points will certainly only grab worse. However, encouraging younger consumers to buy genuine estate through rent-to-own programs will certainly assistance shore up housing sales and overall genuine estate values, according to investor and developer Bruce W. McNeilage, co-founder of Kinloch Homes LLC.

Speaking here today at the Single Family Rental Forum attended by 800 leading decision makers in the residential genuine estate industry, McNeilage said younger buyers are not investing in genuine estate love their parents and grandparents did. This could have actually long term negative repercussions for people and the economy as a whole.

“Buyers in the so-called Millennial generation are strapped along with student debt, face an uncertain economy overall and are not obtaining married and starting families as early in life as their parents,” McNeilage said. “This is making an entire generation of renters. For most people, their estate is their single biggest asset. Exactly what happens in twenty or 30 years if this group of consumers doesn’t buy? Individually, they will certainly not build wealth and as a nation, our genuine estate values overall will certainly drop. It’s vital that as an industry we look for means to grab younger buyers in to homes.”

Millennials (ages 18-34) have actually seen their student debt jump eightfold compared to consumers of the exact same age in 1989. The standard educational debt among millennials is $16,300, compared to merely $1,900 in 1989. This debt is one of the leading factors in placing off estate purchases. In the very first quarter of 2014, homeownership for Americans 35 and under declined to 36.2 percent, down from 36.8 percent in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It is the lowest on tape-record due to the fact that the census’s Housing Vacancy Survey began tabulating homeownership by age in 1982.

However, predicts that millennials want – and will certainly – buy homes.  According to a recent survey by the genuine estate web site, approximately 42 percent of millennials say they wish to buy a estate in the next one to 5 years.

McNeilage, through Kinloch Partners and others genuine estate investment partnerships, currently owns 250 pad all set residential lots in Greater Atlanta and an additional 217 under contract in Nashville and Greater Atlanta. Lots of of the homes on these lots will certainly be rental properties built along with the objective of eventually turning the renters in to buyers. He sees this as an exceptional solution for aiding millennials move from renters to buyers.

“If you put a renter in an apartment, there is little opportunity of turning them in to a buyer,” McNeilage said. “But, if you put them in a estate and job along with them on making a road to ownership, there is a great opportunity they will certainly wish to make it their own. Giving millenials a opportunity to take a trial run as a renter is a Excellent method to grab them to fall in enjoy along with the property and the concept of estate ownership.” 

About Kinloch Partners, LLC

Kinloch Partners, LLC is a genuine estate investment company formed in 2011 by childhood friends Bruce W. McNeilage and Christopher P. Zachary, that met on the playground at Kinloch Elementary School in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, in the mid-1970s.  The company specializes in providing a road to estate ownership for Brand-new homeowners through Brand-new construction, estate renovation or investment in financially distressed genuine estate properties.

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Brady Campaign Targets Phoenix ‘Bad Apple’ Gun Dealer as Part of National Campaign

PHOENIX, Dec. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Local Phoenix community leaders and activists joined the Brady Campaign to Avoid Gun Violence to protest Windy City Pawn Brokers, which sells guns to straw purchasers. Their irresponsible business practices provide criminals simple access to guns that regularly end up being used in crimes committed in Phoenix and elsewhere.  Ninety percent of the nation’s guns used in crimes come from merely 5 percent of “inadequate apple” gun dealers, such as Windy City Pawn Brokers in Phoenix.

“‘inadequate Apple’ gun dealers such as Windy City have actually decided on profits over people’s safety and are therefore largely responsible for America’s gun violence,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Avoid Gun Violence. “We are working along with our partners in Phoenix and across the nation that are directly impacted by gun violence to requirement these ‘inadequate apples’ modification their business practices and sell guns responsibly. We are fed up along with the violence in our communities. This is something we can easily do to make a actual difference – to sustain guns from the hands of criminals and to sustain our communities and our youngsters safe.”

Joining the Brady Campaign outside Windy City Pawn Brokers were Daniel Ortega, Phoenix attorney and former Chair of the Board of Directors of National Council of La Raza; Rev. Jose Olagues, the former Associate Executive of the Presbytery of Grand Canyon; Chris Kitaeff, a federal firearms licensee, avid outdoorsman, and a board member of Arizonans for Gun Safety; and Jose Guzman and Lupe Sanchez, whose 17-year-old son was working at Subway as quickly as he was shot and killed throughout a robbery attempt.

“Turning a blind eye to straw purchasers, gun traffickers and criminals only contributes to the ongoing and unnecessary violence we see each day in our streets,” said Jose Guzman. “As the father of a gun violence victim, I understand firsthand exactly how essential it is that we do every little thing we can easily to sustain guns from the hands of dangerous people.”

This fall, in Chicago, the Brady Campaign launched a campaign, “Stop inadequate Apple Gun Dealers” which leverages lawsuits to requirement modification in the gun industry. The initiative mobilizes communities to apply local stress directly to “inadequate apple” gun dealers to requirement modification in their business practices, which would certainly sustain guns from the hands of dangerous people. The campaign calls for dealers to videotape all of gun sales, perform criminal background checks on all of employees as section of a “Code of Conduct” that defines policies and practices gun dealers need to adopt to Avoid the diversion of guns in to the illegal market. Each element of the proposed Code has actually either been suggested by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), imposed as a legal need in certain states, accepted by dealers as section of litigation settlements, or urged as a standard by major gun industry trade associations.

Implementing the Code, in addition to complying with all of applicable federal, state and local laws about gun sales, will certainly dramatically decrease the probability that a dealer will certainly be a source of guns for criminals and various other prohibited or dangerous people.

“Most gun dealers are responsible business people, yet the ‘inadequate apple’ gun dealers that go for to profit off the criminal market have to be held accountable for the gun violence they contribute to in our communities,” said Jonathan Lowy, director of the Brady’s Legal Action Project. “We are going to force ‘inadequate apples’ from business, and send a resounding message to the gun industry that it should clean up its act.”

“This is regarding protecting our community,” said Daniel Ortega. “For the Latino community – my community – this is a serious concern for us. These ‘inadequate apple’ dealers do not care where these guns end up. I am here to take a stand and make it clear that I do not want these guns on our streets.”

To learn a lot more regarding the “Stop inadequate Apple Gun Dealers” initiative, a list of pending lawsuits versus gun dealers, and the Code of Conduct for responsible gun sales, visit:

The mission of the Brady organization is to produce a safer America for every one of us that will certainly lead to a dramatic reduction in gun deaths and injuries. For a lot more help on gun violence prevention, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BradyBuzz.

SOURCE The Brady Campaign and Focus to Avoid Gun Violence