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Business-To-Business Marketing Agency, KEO Marketing, Wins “Marketing Campaign of the Year” at the 2014 American Business Awards(SM)

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PHOENIX, Sept. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Business-to-Company (B2B) marketing agency KEO Marketing Inc. was presented along with a Gold Stevie® Award for “Marketing Campaign of the Year” in the Internet/Telecom category at the 12th Annual American Company Awards ceremony held Friday, September 12, 2014 in San Francisco.

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The American Company Awards are the nation’s premier Company awards program. Much more compared to 3,300 nominations from organizations of all of dimensions and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.  Stevie Award winners were picked by Much more compared to 240 executives nationwide that participated in the judging process.

“We learned spine in June that KEO Marketing was picked for either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award in recognition of our job along with enterprise data focus provider CyrusOne,” said Sheila Kloefkorn, president and CEO of KEO Marketing.  “We were thrilled to learn last week that we won the top award for marketing campaign of the year!  We are honored to have actually our terrific job recognized. It  directly reflects the dedication and hard job of the teams.

“It additionally demonstrates our absolute concentrate on delivering impressive outcomes to our clients,” continued Kloefkorn.”

KEO Marketing, in partnership along with gyro PR and the marketing group at CyrusOne, produced and launched an integrated marketing campaign for a new, industry-leading platform called the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX).  The National IX delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites, also as permits high-performance, low-cost data transfer and accessibility for CyrusOne customers.

Honoring organizations of all of types and dimensions and the people behind them, the Stevies realize impressive performances in the work environment worldwide.  Learn Much more regarding the Stevie Awards at

About KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing Inc., a leading B2B marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, develops and implements innovative strategies to insight clients dramatically boost leads and sales. The company’s solutions contain marketing strategy, brand positioning and messaging, lead generation, search engine marketing and optimization, website development, social media, online advertising, regional and mobile marketing and more. A few of the world’s largest brands have actually depended on KEO Marketing for marketing that delivers tangible and substantial results.  For Much more article visit

Media Contact: Sheila Kloefkorn, KEO Marketing Inc, 480-413-2090,

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Heather Landes appointed director of the ASU School of Music

TEMPE, Ariz., Sept. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts has actually appointed Heather Landes as the director of its world-renowned School of Music. Landes has actually served as the interim director of the school for the past two years and officially began her tenure in the Brand-new role July 1. 

“Dr. Landes has actually done an extraordinary task over the past two years as interim director and has actually exhibited the leadership, imagination and vision crucial to sustain and build a 21st-century music school that celebrates the 2 excellence and innovation,” said Steven J. Tepper, dean of the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

As interim director of the School of Music, Landes produced a culture of open and transparent dialogue, demonstrated a deep commitment to the future victory of ASU’s music students, led the school in to a Brand-new phase of growth by exceeding enrollment targets, raised your hard earned cash in support of faculty and students, and successfully recruited top scholars and musicians to join the faculty. 

“The ASU School of Music enjoys a rich tradition of excellence in music education, a deep commitment to preparation remarkable musicians and leaders, and a clear discovering of the importance of music in the world,” Landes said. “I have actually been thrilled to serve my colleagues and students in the school as interim director for the past two years, and it is a fantastic honor to be asked to lead the ASU School of Music as director. As section of the Brand-new American University, I believe the ASU School of Music is well positioned to be instrumental in shaping the future of 21st-century music education.”

Landes’ occupation in better education and arts leadership began at Northwestern University and has actually spanned much more compared to 25 years, along with the last 10 at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. She has actually served as associate dean for student victory and curriculum for the past 5 years, throughout which time she orchestrated the development of much more compared to twenty Brand-new curricular offerings. Her experience and expertise have actually been instrumental in shaping the vision of the institute.

A former student of Walfrid Kujala, former principal piccolo of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Alexander Murray, former principal flute of the London Symphony Orchestra, Landes holds a Bachelor of Music in flute performance from the University of Illinois and a Master of Music in flute performance from Northwestern University. She made a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from Loyola University Chicago. Her dissertation research involved a comparative study of the student experience at a conservatory of music and a university school of music.

“Throughout my occupation in better education, my job has actually focused on the education, preparation and victory of young artists,” Landes said. “I came to this job partly due to exactly what my education offered for me. In the 4th grade, I came house so excited concerning the flute due to a music program presented by the Kansas City Philharmonic. And, as soon as I said that I wanted to serious in music in college, my parents supported that as well. Several students don’t have actually this sort of house support, and they demand the support they locate from university faculty and staff to suggestions them locate their success.”

Landes’ teaching and research concentrate on creativity, entrepreneurship and organizational culture in better education arts programs.

“along with Dr. Landes’ leadership,” Tepper said, “we look forward to the School of Music continuing to be a essential driver of the future of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.”

About Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University is nestled in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan location on the ASU Tempe campus.

The institute comprises the School of Art; the School of Arts, Media + Engineering; The Design School; the School of Film, Dance and Theatre; the School of Music; and the ASU Art Museum. Each discipline is nationally ranked. Each year, much more compared to 50 National Merit Scholars and National Hispanic Scholars pick the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts for their study.

The internationally acclaimed faculty of practicing artists and scholars is committed to educating students in a vibrant and multidisciplinary environment. remarkable facilities provide students the opportunity to technique and strengthen their craft. A centralized student advising staff offers support every step of the way, ensuring a successful and pleasurable student experience.

With much more compared to 300 sunny days a year, a thriving metropolitan arts community, much more compared to 100 affiliated study-abroad opportunities and 4,700 thriving arts and design students, there actually is no much better place to live, learn and cultivate artistic passion.

For much more short article concerning the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, visit   

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SOURCE The ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Scottsdales ” name ” game

What’s in a name? Well, plenty at least in Scottsdale where designer labels conceal a multitude of sins, motives and inconvenient truths. Labels shouldn’t define us as a community however the fact is – they do. You know the ones- North, South – snob. In Scottsdale , land of make believe, labels and appearances matter, contributing to our carefully cultivated image as a higher end playground for the pretentious. Hey, we weren’t simply handed the Snotsdale title – we earned it. To augment our reputation as a premier community for those folks that appreciate the finer points in life, we have actually sacrificed others qualities that contribute to a communities reputation. How you design or revitalize a community depends on that you are designing it for – who’s the target demographic? that has actually the ” right stuff ” ? that fits the profile and is deemed worthy to call the area house ?

Part of south Scottsdales unique charm was related to its lack of pretense, its much more down to earth , relaxed vibe. South Scottsdale is/was authentic by Scottsdale standards, a place where those of much more modest means reside, a place where middle class families, retirees and simply plain folks could hang their hats. It is a place that required a little sprucing up thanks to years of neglect by city officials however is receiving a full blown makeover instead finish along with botox injections designed to draw the all crucial young, hip and trendy demographic. however at Exactly what cost? Every globe class city has actually nooks and cranies for a variety of demographics, places where you feel at house regardless of your ” pedigree ” – or lack of . Labels often convey little of real significance. For example, the term South is merely a geographic designation as I am fond of repeating. It is where we are located – not that we are. We often attach our own shallow meanings to such labels. In the Scottsdale vernacular, the term south conjures up images of an unhealthy area, drive by shootings, graffiti, places where residents earn much less compared to $100,000 a year, shop at ” Super Centers ” and consume fast food. Shudder. They seldom dine at higher end bistros ( because we never had any ) or bistros that describe themselves as ” Bistros ” meaning you will certainly have to use those brand-new bifocals and a magnifying glass to locate your entrée. Worse , you will certainly be forced to dust off that bank credit card to pay for a meal you couldn’t – locate – or identify. Your husband will certainly spend hours pondering why you had to spend so much for an unidentified protein artfully arranged on a – kale chip. Sure these standard south Scottsdale residents may seem like an alien species to the brand-new demographic. We are simple, uncomplicated- honest. We frequent bistros that may give coupons, a concept foreign to this brand-new elite species that plans to populate our turf. Yes, the young, urban professionals that embrace the 24/7 live , job and play lifestyle, sip overpriced lattes at outdoor cafes along with wi fi capability. The brand-new breed embraces the ” green ” lifestyle reveling in the benefits of green building and green – food. Organics. They can easily often be observed sipping concoctions that are nutrient rich and green in color. Green tea infusions, spinach/lime smoothies. The rest of us poor slobs prefer the 24/7 live, job and nap lifestyle and can easily be found pounding down a cold one at the neighborhood bar/s . They can easily appreciate public art and can easily even identify it. The rest of us are often confused by it and want to know 2 things. – Exactly what is it and Exactly what purpose does it serve ? The answers are No one knows and – none however it appeals to young professionals that may know nothing regarding art however wish to convey the impression they do . The rest of us check out it and believe – graffiti magnate. Hey, I’ve got the paint and the night vision goggles – simply haven’t had the time.

If I sound jealous – I’m not. No, I’m actually impressed by how effortlessly this group wields their power and influence. Entire battalions of developers, city officials, assorted bureaucrats and others ” lifestyle specialists ” ( brand-new label – ya like ? ) are prostrating themselves to cater to their every whim. Heck, they are reinventing an entire city. It’s downright – inspirational especially once you think of the reality that long time residents have actually had their prefers met along with icy indifference – for years. Their earning potential and pedigree have actually enabled them to accomplish points south Scottsdale residents could only dream of. We weren’t members of the right income bracket, the key to all Scottsdale triumph stories. As ego crushing a concept as this is, I have actually decided to pick up the pieces of my middle class life and move on. You see , I’m secure in the knowledge that the demographic I’m a proud member of is simply as worthy of cultivating as the brand-new breed of Scottsdale resident. We’ve got the right stuff. It simply comes in a much more generic package. that are we ? We are long time south Scottsdale residents. We live in middle class hoods, drive middle class cars and aren’t impressed by the superficial. We are educated, hard working and say Exactly what we mean and mean Exactly what we say. Pity politicians don’t take a leaf from our book. We are the meat and potatoes of any community. Sure botox and bling are nice however variety is the spice of life.

Scottsdale officials have actually tried to convince us that we are simply one big happy family – no North , no South. We are – Onesdale . One demographic – elite, luxury – higher end. City officials are well on their method to reinventing south Scottsdale , transforming their vision of Onesdale in to reality. Only one problem . They have actually to wait until the rest of us become extinct. Our demise could be imminent. Area rents, housing prices and the retail seduced to the area by the promise of higher end incomes may price the rest of us out. I have actually talked to a variety of residents including retirees , teachers etc that complain that they are being forced out by rapidly rising rents and multifamily communities that cater exclusively to the luxury crowd – not the middle class. I have actually begun to long for the days once the luxury crowd was confined to their own habitat as in – up North. They seldom ventured beyond the walls of their gated communities which could be easily identified by the trail of Benzes, BMWs and others higher end rides leading to their front doors. They never traveled in to enemy territory AKA south Scottsdale unless the GPS system on the Escalade malfunctioned leaving them stranded in an area lacking in the upscale amenities they had become accustomed to . Sure the rest of us may inhabit neighborhoods riddled along with code violations however we know our neighbors. We even tips them from time to time. Our shabby chic hoods have actually heart – and soul unlike the BMW driving hipster whose ride was adorned along with a rhinestone encrusted license plate that read – ” Princess ” She was no doubt late for her manicure appointment since she felt compelled to cut in front of me this morning and flip me off all while chatting on her Iphone – as in I am the essential person on this or any others planet. You know that you are . I hate to break it to you however you aren’t a princess.

Yes , Scottsdale is obsessed along with labels however apparently we haven’t ” arrived ” simply yet. We only snagged the #4 spot on a list of snobbiest cities as reported by the Scottsdale Republic, Scottsdales official source for – all the news unfit to print.. Yes – 4th in a city that prides itself on its higher end lifestyle as defined by median house prices ( higher ) , household incomes ( higher ) , percentage of college graduates ( higher ) , art galleries per capita ( the better the much better ) and fast meals bistros ( the fewer the much better ) . See a trend developing? The not so subtle message – The rest of us have to move to lower ground as in Mesa or Hell . They really don’t care. Yes, guess we’ll have actually to try a little harder in order to earn that prestigious title – Top Snob. Maybe we can easily flash a little cash. Perhaps some of that ” dark money ” is still floating around. Oh – wait. There’s one more election coming up. They’ll need that to spread rumors, lies and half truths regarding their opponents. Silly me. We’ve already sacrificed a fantastic deal in our relentless quest for the top spot. We’ve fully embraced that 24/7 live job and play lifestyle. Heck , our downtown merely reeks of alcohol and sophistication. We’ve sacrificed our quality of life, our future and our long time residents. Exactly what much more can easily we do – adopt a Kardashian? Mayor Lane and the front man for the Scottsdale Chamber, Rick Kidder, believe that having that snobby reputation is , as Martha would certainly say, a good thing. I beg to differ. Actually, being a snob is a reflection of attitude and not accomplishments. It’s a symptom of Exactly what lots of believe is wrong along with Scottsdale. No one prefers to live in a community of snobs except others snobs Perhaps that’s the idea. Birds of a feather…..Funny , mom always taught me that truly accomplished people, people that were well educated and financially secure didn’t have actually to flaunt it. They wore it like an old shoe.

The city , in yet one more attempt to stamp out the Scottsdale that was and replace it along with – brand-new York, is utilizing a brand-new tool in their ongoing crusade to reinvent the city. Branding . A fancy method of saying they really do support – labels as long as they are labels that reinforce our affluent image. Now I understand why the label ” south ” was so unpalatable to them . It reminded them that there were pockets of nonconforming, middle class residents in their midst. Branding is a technique used to redefine an area. The Scottsdale Republic recently reported ( so much trivia – so few real reporters ) that an effort was under method to rebrand an area in the downtown. Similar to the Soho district in brand-new York, some folks along with too much time on their hands felt the downtown area required an identity so why not – Sodo as in south downtown or Sosco for south Scottsdale. Yup, if it is good enough for brand-new York we need districts along with silly names too. enable me to contribute to this ” worthy ” effort.

So – Exactly what ( self explanatory )

So bo ( so botoxed )

So – kill me – see So Exactly what above

Sogo – Exactly what they would certainly like the rest of us to do – that may not fit comfortably in to the demographic they chance to attract.

If only much more compared to 23% of the electorate would certainly bother to vote maybe we wouldn’t be – so screwed. How regarding SOFU ? A relative to Tofu, a favorite of the health conscious ” in ” crowd. Additionally serves as a descriptive term used to describe how our council often treats the rest of us.

All long time south Scottsdale residents ask for is a little respect. All you ask for is our vote and a little of that dark money to seal the deal. Perhaps we can easily job something out – SOVO ( So vote November 4th ) .

John Rainey Named Chair of 2015 March for Babies, Nation’s Biggest Fundraiser for Mom and Baby Health

CHANDLER, Ariz., Sept. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — John Rainey, executive vice president and chief financial officer of United Airlines will certainly be named national chair of the March of Dimes 2015 March for Babies at a ceremony in Phoenix tonight. Mr. Rainey commits to generating at least $1 million for the organization, which maintains research and various other services to provide much more babies a healthy and balanced begin in life.

“Lots of of our United employees and their families global have actually been helped by the job of the March of Dimes, and we’re committed to aiding that crucial job continue,” says Mr. Rainey, that is additionally a member of the March of Dimes Board of Trustees. “I’m honored to serve as 2015 March for Babies chair and anticipate bringing with each other our United customers and employees to insight sustain stronger, healthier babies.”

This year will certainly mark the 10th year of United’s sponsorship of the March of Dimes National Ambassador routine for the National Ambassador family to travel about the United States, sharing their story and raising awareness. In 2006, United became a National Sponsor of March for Babies. The airline, its customers and its employees have actually contributed nearly $5.5 million due to the fact that the partnership began.

“United Airlines’ sustain makes it feasible for the March of Dimes to increase awareness of the reason for much more research and community services to stay away from premature birth and birth defects,” said Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, president of the March of Dimes. 

The March of Dimes is the top nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health.  Along with chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies®, the March of Dimes functions to increase the healthiness of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. For the current resources and information, visit or  Discover us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

SOURCE March of Dimes


Anne Geddes Unveils New Image Of A Baby Born Too Soon

CHANDLER, Ariz., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Internationally-acclaimed baby photographer Anne Geddes today unveiled an image of a baby born as well soon that will certainly be shared global to improve awareness of the global problem of preterm birth.

Mrs. Geddes donated the image of Alfred, that was born 8 weeks as well soon, weighing simply two pounds, 6 ounces, to the March of Dimes, which earned the photo the focus of its 2014 globe Prematurity Day campaign. 

“I’m proud to be functioning along with March of Dimes, since all of babies deserve a opportunity at a healthy and balanced begin in life,” said Mrs. Geddes, that unveiled the image throughout a March of Dimes conference. “Tiny baby Alfred sends a fragile and yet powerful message. The very first heart-wrenching sight of such a tiny human being, rapidly gives method to admiration for their sense of strength and their will certainly to survive versus all of odds.”

Worldwide, a lot more compared to 15 million babies are born as well soon and a lot more compared to one million babies die prior to their very first birthday. Preterm birth, (prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy), is the leading trigger of newborn death, and babies that survive an early birth frequently face the risk of major and sometimes lifelong healthiness problems, such as breathing problems, jaundice, developmental delays, vision loss and cerebral palsy.

The image of Alfred, cradled in the hand of a Leonardo DaVinci-motivated sculpture, is being used to lure global focus to the have to steer clear of preterm birth.

Mrs. Geddes likewise taped a TV spot that will certainly air on CNN in a lot more compared to 200 countries. It can easily be viewed at:

“We are grateful to Anne Geddes, one of the world’s most widely respected photographers, for her tireless efforts on behalf of babies worldwide,” says March of Dimes President Dr. Jennifer Howse. “Her job will certainly advice focus focus on the important job called for to provide all of babies a healthy and balanced begin in life.”

World Prematurity Day takes place each year on November 17. The March of Dimes and its global partners mark the day along with tasks to focus focus on preterm birth. The March of Dimes works along with the globe Prematurity Network, (WPN), a global coalition of consumer and moms and dad teams functioning with each other to improve awareness and steer clear of premature birth in their countries.  Through globe Prematurity Day and various other joint efforts, members call for action to steer clear of preterm birth and enhance care for babies born as well soon. Learn a lot more and discover out Exactly how you can easily advice at  

The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. For a lot more compared to 75 years, moms and babies have actually benefited from March of Dimes research, education, vaccines, and breakthroughs. discover out Exactly how you can easily advice improve funds to steer clear of premature birth and birth defects by strolling in March for Babies at  For the current resources and information, visit or discover us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 

SOURCE March of Dimes