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Brady Campaign Targets Phoenix ‘Bad Apple’ Gun Dealer as Part of National Campaign

PHOENIX, Dec. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Local Phoenix community leaders and activists joined the Brady Campaign to Avoid Gun Violence to protest Windy City Pawn Brokers, which sells guns to straw purchasers. Their irresponsible business practices provide criminals simple access to guns that regularly end up being used in crimes committed in Phoenix and elsewhere.  Ninety percent of the nation’s guns used in crimes come from merely 5 percent of “inadequate apple” gun dealers, such as Windy City Pawn Brokers in Phoenix.

“‘inadequate Apple’ gun dealers such as Windy City have actually decided on profits over people’s safety and are therefore largely responsible for America’s gun violence,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Avoid Gun Violence. “We are working along with our partners in Phoenix and across the nation that are directly impacted by gun violence to requirement these ‘inadequate apples’ modification their business practices and sell guns responsibly. We are fed up along with the violence in our communities. This is something we can easily do to make a actual difference – to sustain guns from the hands of criminals and to sustain our communities and our youngsters safe.”

Joining the Brady Campaign outside Windy City Pawn Brokers were Daniel Ortega, Phoenix attorney and former Chair of the Board of Directors of National Council of La Raza; Rev. Jose Olagues, the former Associate Executive of the Presbytery of Grand Canyon; Chris Kitaeff, a federal firearms licensee, avid outdoorsman, and a board member of Arizonans for Gun Safety; and Jose Guzman and Lupe Sanchez, whose 17-year-old son was working at Subway as quickly as he was shot and killed throughout a robbery attempt.

“Turning a blind eye to straw purchasers, gun traffickers and criminals only contributes to the ongoing and unnecessary violence we see each day in our streets,” said Jose Guzman. “As the father of a gun violence victim, I understand firsthand exactly how essential it is that we do every little thing we can easily to sustain guns from the hands of dangerous people.”

This fall, in Chicago, the Brady Campaign launched a campaign, “Stop inadequate Apple Gun Dealers” which leverages lawsuits to requirement modification in the gun industry. The initiative mobilizes communities to apply local stress directly to “inadequate apple” gun dealers to requirement modification in their business practices, which would certainly sustain guns from the hands of dangerous people. The campaign calls for dealers to videotape all of gun sales, perform criminal background checks on all of employees as section of a “Code of Conduct” that defines policies and practices gun dealers need to adopt to Avoid the diversion of guns in to the illegal market. Each element of the proposed Code has actually either been suggested by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), imposed as a legal need in certain states, accepted by dealers as section of litigation settlements, or urged as a standard by major gun industry trade associations.

Implementing the Code, in addition to complying with all of applicable federal, state and local laws about gun sales, will certainly dramatically decrease the probability that a dealer will certainly be a source of guns for criminals and various other prohibited or dangerous people.

“Most gun dealers are responsible business people, yet the ‘inadequate apple’ gun dealers that go for to profit off the criminal market have to be held accountable for the gun violence they contribute to in our communities,” said Jonathan Lowy, director of the Brady’s Legal Action Project. “We are going to force ‘inadequate apples’ from business, and send a resounding message to the gun industry that it should clean up its act.”

“This is regarding protecting our community,” said Daniel Ortega. “For the Latino community – my community – this is a serious concern for us. These ‘inadequate apple’ dealers do not care where these guns end up. I am here to take a stand and make it clear that I do not want these guns on our streets.”

To learn a lot more regarding the “Stop inadequate Apple Gun Dealers” initiative, a list of pending lawsuits versus gun dealers, and the Code of Conduct for responsible gun sales, visit:

The mission of the Brady organization is to produce a safer America for every one of us that will certainly lead to a dramatic reduction in gun deaths and injuries. For a lot more help on gun violence prevention, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BradyBuzz.

SOURCE The Brady Campaign and Focus to Avoid Gun Violence


On Q Financial Opens New Branch Office in Olympia, WA

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On Q Financial, Inc. announced today the opening of a new branch office in Olympia, WA  to serve the financing requires of homebuyers and homeowners in Olympia and surrounding Puget Sound region. The branch opening highlights the swift expansion efforts of the business in to the residence financing market in the Pacific Northwest. In 2014, On Q  opened branch offices in a few of Washington’s most lucrative markets including Bellevue, Lynnwood (Seattle), Vancouver, Gig Harbor and now Olympia.

“We’ve opened 5 offices in the state of Washington in 2014 and strategy to keep on our expansion in 2015,” said John Bergman, President of On Q Financial, Inc. “On Q is committed to creating in markets where we can easily give the greatest value to borrowers, mortgage consultants, genuine estate agents, and builders.”

The On Q Olympia branch is managed by neighborhood residents, and husband and wife team, Peter and Dawn James and they’ve selected Olympia resident Chris Johns to come to be their Brand-new Sales Manager as this branch expands. This is the second branch that On Q Financial has actually opened for Peter and Dawn James, the very first branch in Gig Harbor opened simply over a month ago.

“Our group at On Q is actually among the most effective in the company at each position,” said Peter James “Along with our incredibly deep loan product list and marketing tools, we intend to attract and hire the most educated and well respected Mortgage Consultants in the area.  We will certainly diligently job to make On Q a leader as quickly as it pertains to residence financing in Thurston County.”

This expansion capitalizes on On Q Financial Inc.’s core strengths of providing a wide-range of mortgage selections including FHA, Conventional conforming, VA and Jumbo loans and niche loan products such as financing for manufactured homes, mortgages for foreign nationals and Canadian vacation residence owners, down payment advice programs and reverse mortgages for Washington’s popularity as a retirement destination.

“We are delighted to give residence buyers across the state of Washington Along with access to a few of the most competitive loan products available, along Along with On Q’s signature “Mortgages Simplified” approach to customer service, communication and accessibility throughout every one of aspects of the lending process,” said Dawn James.

On Q Financial, Inc., recognized for its innovation, quality and customer service is ranked #41 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America, and has actually been named among the top 50 finest companies to job for by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

About On Q Financial

As a mortgage banker Along with a sought after track record within the industry, On Q Financial, Inc., ensures clients consistently receive a higher degree of customer service also as a “Mortgages Simplified” residence loan experience. On Q Financial has actually much more compared to 400 employees in 48 offices in  Arizona, 068i0000001KyYz

Media Contact: Elizabeth Hillestad, Vice President, Marketing, OnQ Financial, 480.320.3896,

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U.S. House Vote Could Lead to War with Russia, Warns Physicians for Civil Defense

TUCSON, Ariz., Dec 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a resolution passed today in the U.S. Home of Representatives, by a vote of 411 to 10, the U.S. effectively “declared Cold War on Russia,” according to a statement by Daniel McAdams, executive director at the Ron Paul Institute, to RT [Russia Today].

McAdams said it was likewise a declaration of war for Kiev versus Donetsk and Lugansk, two Brand-new self-proclaimed states in eastern Ukraine. “This is a green light for the [NATO-backed] Poroshenko government to return to military actions versus the “separatists” in Eastern Ukraine.”

H. Res 758, “Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has actually carried out a policy of aggression versus neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination,” is credited to Rep. Adam Kinziger (R-Ill.).

The Resolution demands that Russia reverse its annexation of Crimea and “calls on the President to cooperate along with United States allies and partners in Europe and others countries about the globe to refuse to understand any sort of de jure or de facto sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea, its airspace, or its territorial waters.”

The Resolution likewise calls for military help to Ukraine and a lot more major economic sanctions versus Russia.

McAdams notes the timing: the South Stream pipeline that was supposed to begin going through Bulgaria was called off this week. “The US probably views that as a terrific victory. Once the Europeans are paying 30 percent a lot more for their fuel they could have actually a various view of it.”

The Resolution was at the top of the news on, showing that Russians are taking it fairly seriously, specified Jane Orient, M.D., president of Physicians for Civil Defense, though it didn’t make Google News.

The Russians’ just warm-water port is in Crimea, which has actually been in Russian hands, along with one brief interlude, due to the fact that the moment of Catherine the Great. It is crucial to Russian security, she notes.

The Resolution refers to chapter 5 of the NATO Treaty, which needs all of NATO members to come to the military help of all of others, though Ukraine is not at present a member of NATO. along with such alliances a small skirmish could swiftly come to be a globe war.

“Does Congress already know the dangers of inviting conflict along with nuclear-armed Russia, especially in this crucial region not far from Moscow?” Orient asks. “all of Americans should be asking regarding civil defense.”

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to assistance to save lives in the event of war or others disaster.

Contact: Jane M. Orient, M.D., (520) 323-3110,

SOURCE Physicians for Civil Defense


Buy that fish a drink! Environmental water market spending tops $560 million

PHONEIX, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — According to a recent report released by WestWater Research, environmental water market task has actually revealed considerable growth over the last 10 years.  The newest report indicates total expenditures on water acquired to protect streamflows across the western United States have actually exceeded a lot more compared to $560 million. These transactions have actually been important for restoring stream flows for endangered fish species and enhancing water quality.

Over the last decade, federal and Point out agencies too as a growing lot of private organizations have actually come to be a severe section of general trading activity.  The recent report by WestWater estimates that environmental transactions accounted for 40% of total volume traded from 2003-2012.  These transactions have actually had a considerable impact on stream flows.  In 2012, environmental transactions added nearly 1.3 million acre feet of added flows to streams across the western United States.  While the market is a lot of energetic in the Pacific Northwest, practically all of western states have actually reported environmental trading activity. 

The current Water Market Insider publication highlights the unique aspects of the environmental water market including local differences, and reports market trends impacting the two fee and trading volume.  The complete report, and all of past complications of the Water Market Insider are readily available exclusively from WestWater Research at  

WestWater Research is the top economic and financial consulting authority of the water rights industry.  The firm supplies transaction advisory services, water ideal valuations and appraisals, marketing services, economic planning, and investment services.  Because its inception in 2001, WestWater has actually advised clients in every western state, including Alaska and Texas, on various water sources projects.  The WestWater group excels at determining and implementing creative solutions to complex water source issues.    

SOURCE WestWater Research