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On Q Financial Opens New Branch Office in Olympia, WA

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On Q Financial, Inc. announced today the opening of a new branch office in Olympia, WA  to serve the financing requires of homebuyers and homeowners in Olympia and surrounding Puget Sound region. The branch opening highlights the swift expansion efforts of the business in to the residence financing market in the Pacific Northwest. In 2014, On Q  opened branch offices in a few of Washington’s most lucrative markets including Bellevue, Lynnwood (Seattle), Vancouver, Gig Harbor and now Olympia.

“We’ve opened 5 offices in the state of Washington in 2014 and strategy to keep on our expansion in 2015,” said John Bergman, President of On Q Financial, Inc. “On Q is committed to creating in markets where we can easily give the greatest value to borrowers, mortgage consultants, genuine estate agents, and builders.”

The On Q Olympia branch is managed by neighborhood residents, and husband and wife team, Peter and Dawn James and they’ve selected Olympia resident Chris Johns to come to be their Brand-new Sales Manager as this branch expands. This is the second branch that On Q Financial has actually opened for Peter and Dawn James, the very first branch in Gig Harbor opened simply over a month ago.

“Our group at On Q is actually among the most effective in the company at each position,” said Peter James “Along with our incredibly deep loan product list and marketing tools, we intend to attract and hire the most educated and well respected Mortgage Consultants in the area.  We will certainly diligently job to make On Q a leader as quickly as it pertains to residence financing in Thurston County.”

This expansion capitalizes on On Q Financial Inc.’s core strengths of providing a wide-range of mortgage selections including FHA, Conventional conforming, VA and Jumbo loans and niche loan products such as financing for manufactured homes, mortgages for foreign nationals and Canadian vacation residence owners, down payment advice programs and reverse mortgages for Washington’s popularity as a retirement destination.

“We are delighted to give residence buyers across the state of Washington Along with access to a few of the most competitive loan products available, along Along with On Q’s signature “Mortgages Simplified” approach to customer service, communication and accessibility throughout every one of aspects of the lending process,” said Dawn James.

On Q Financial, Inc., recognized for its innovation, quality and customer service is ranked #41 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America, and has actually been named among the top 50 finest companies to job for by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

About On Q Financial

As a mortgage banker Along with a sought after track record within the industry, On Q Financial, Inc., ensures clients consistently receive a higher degree of customer service also as a “Mortgages Simplified” residence loan experience. On Q Financial has actually much more compared to 400 employees in 48 offices in  Arizona, 068i0000001KyYz

Media Contact: Elizabeth Hillestad, Vice President, Marketing, OnQ Financial, 480.320.3896,

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U.S. House Vote Could Lead to War with Russia, Warns Physicians for Civil Defense

TUCSON, Ariz., Dec 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a resolution passed today in the U.S. Home of Representatives, by a vote of 411 to 10, the U.S. effectively “declared Cold War on Russia,” according to a statement by Daniel McAdams, executive director at the Ron Paul Institute, to RT [Russia Today].

McAdams said it was likewise a declaration of war for Kiev versus Donetsk and Lugansk, two Brand-new self-proclaimed states in eastern Ukraine. “This is a green light for the [NATO-backed] Poroshenko government to return to military actions versus the “separatists” in Eastern Ukraine.”

H. Res 758, “Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has actually carried out a policy of aggression versus neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination,” is credited to Rep. Adam Kinziger (R-Ill.).

The Resolution demands that Russia reverse its annexation of Crimea and “calls on the President to cooperate along with United States allies and partners in Europe and others countries about the globe to refuse to understand any sort of de jure or de facto sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea, its airspace, or its territorial waters.”

The Resolution likewise calls for military help to Ukraine and a lot more major economic sanctions versus Russia.

McAdams notes the timing: the South Stream pipeline that was supposed to begin going through Bulgaria was called off this week. “The US probably views that as a terrific victory. Once the Europeans are paying 30 percent a lot more for their fuel they could have actually a various view of it.”

The Resolution was at the top of the news on, showing that Russians are taking it fairly seriously, specified Jane Orient, M.D., president of Physicians for Civil Defense, though it didn’t make Google News.

The Russians’ just warm-water port is in Crimea, which has actually been in Russian hands, along with one brief interlude, due to the fact that the moment of Catherine the Great. It is crucial to Russian security, she notes.

The Resolution refers to chapter 5 of the NATO Treaty, which needs all of NATO members to come to the military help of all of others, though Ukraine is not at present a member of NATO. along with such alliances a small skirmish could swiftly come to be a globe war.

“Does Congress already know the dangers of inviting conflict along with nuclear-armed Russia, especially in this crucial region not far from Moscow?” Orient asks. “all of Americans should be asking regarding civil defense.”

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to assistance to save lives in the event of war or others disaster.

Contact: Jane M. Orient, M.D., (520) 323-3110,

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Buy that fish a drink! Environmental water market spending tops $560 million

PHONEIX, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — According to a recent report released by WestWater Research, environmental water market task has actually revealed considerable growth over the last 10 years.  The newest report indicates total expenditures on water acquired to protect streamflows across the western United States have actually exceeded a lot more compared to $560 million. These transactions have actually been important for restoring stream flows for endangered fish species and enhancing water quality.

Over the last decade, federal and Point out agencies too as a growing lot of private organizations have actually come to be a severe section of general trading activity.  The recent report by WestWater estimates that environmental transactions accounted for 40% of total volume traded from 2003-2012.  These transactions have actually had a considerable impact on stream flows.  In 2012, environmental transactions added nearly 1.3 million acre feet of added flows to streams across the western United States.  While the market is a lot of energetic in the Pacific Northwest, practically all of western states have actually reported environmental trading activity. 

The current Water Market Insider publication highlights the unique aspects of the environmental water market including local differences, and reports market trends impacting the two fee and trading volume.  The complete report, and all of past complications of the Water Market Insider are readily available exclusively from WestWater Research at  

WestWater Research is the top economic and financial consulting authority of the water rights industry.  The firm supplies transaction advisory services, water ideal valuations and appraisals, marketing services, economic planning, and investment services.  Because its inception in 2001, WestWater has actually advised clients in every western state, including Alaska and Texas, on various water sources projects.  The WestWater group excels at determining and implementing creative solutions to complex water source issues.    

SOURCE WestWater Research


Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons take on global conquest with a universal message

Portland, Oregon-based Jerry Joseph is the type of guy who, having been about the globe much more compared to a few times, likes to pay attention to the news. And while you can easily interview a slew of singer-songwriters over the road of a single year, not numerous will certainly be all that eager to discuss current events to the point they are actually bringing up topics themselves.
On this day, throughout a telephone interview from his neighborhood in Portland, along with the sky unseasonably icy and the whole world, well, churning in his mind, he’s all set to note the schizophrenic nature of 21st century man.
“In one fell swoop the the entire Latino population in the country will certainly someday understand they will certainly have the ability to walk down to the polls and vote,” says the leader of Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons. “There’s a bunch of people in pursuit of a 15th century religion that wishes to renew a caliphate, yet meanwhile there’s a rocket that merely landed on a comet. I merely locate it worth noting exactly how exciting life can easily be.”
Noted for his searching, spiritual lyrics worthy of standing alone as ink theoretically as poetry, he says, of the material he and the Jackmormons are playing now: “We didn’t kill all of the vampires, yet most of them … For lyrics, I can’t remember a line by Yeats, so it’s much less regarding poetry and much more regarding the authors I read. I’m a big plagiarizer of ideas from Salman Rushdie, William Gibson and the literary art form. I could do an entire tape based on the last essays of Christopher Hitchens.”
Nurturing a globe view comes basic for this California native that does 150 shows a year touring the U.S. and abroad, performing regularly in Dublin, Paris, across England and Europe. Last month, in addition to releasing a genre-bending album called “Singing in the Rain,” he additionally let loose a brand-new live concert CD that’s a product of a three-night stint in Rivas, Nicaragua. His globe-trotting involves volunteering to teach rock music in Kabul, Afghanistan.
“They required teachers since people were shooting the aid workers,” he says. “We got 6 kids, altogether. They were all risking their lives, basically. They all wanted to learn Megadeth riffs that went wompf, wompf, wompf. This while Blackhawk helicopters were going overhead, going wompf, wompf, wompf. So that was they were hearing. It was amazing.”
With a self-deprecating sense of humor, the resident of brand-new Zealand as a teen appears fairly matter of honest truth regarding such adventures as taking the Jackmormons on a tour of the Costa Rican coast or discussing the marvels of the digital age along with a young hitmaker in Kuala Lampur.
“It keeps me from strolling down to the local open mic night to talk regarding the good ol’ days,” he smirks. “It keeps me from that loop.”
Two years ago Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons were touring as a powerhouse three-piece band that sounded enjoy an unheralded Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Crazy Horse or Meat Puppets-style act. Those shows featured his ability to play fierce guitar leads. This tour is a four-piece event featuring Steve Drizos on drums, Stevie James Wright on bass and Jeff Crosby on guitar. The most recent lineup is the end result of Joseph’s uncanny ability to tempt admiring, notable users in to his musical stew for such projects as Stockholm Syndrome or the The Denmark Veseys, recording his own songs along with users from such bands as the Silos and the Decemberists, as well as production efforts for his own music label, Cosmo Sex School Records.
“At the end of the day we were fairly vocal regarding exactly how we (the Jackmormons) were the most effective three-piece band around, hands down,” he says. yet that all came to an end as quickly as long-time on again, off again bassist, JR Ruppel, left amicably.
“We had a tough lineup of people for a long time yet JR quit at the end of the summer after he had been along with us for a couple of years,” he says. “As is frequently the case these points happen at the most inconvenient time. And now we have actually this four-piece band touring the East Coast, Europe, California. It appears to be going fairly well due to the fact that my income depends on playing live, so the result of all that is this brand-new thing.”
This is merely one of numerous phases for Joseph, whose professional standing in the music business began along with the successful 1980s reggae-folk jam band formed in Northern California called Little Women. throughout tours in those days, the opening act was Widespread Panic, which covered a number of songs written by Joseph, making live prove to staples from “North,” “Chainsaw City” and “Climb to Safety.”
With a strength for lyrics and lines like, off the brand-new album, “whatever keeps you focused keeps you from harm,” the brand-new tape covers all kinds of musical traditions, including a punchy horn section for the catchy opening monitor “Arms By Your Side,” a cajun feel for a brand-new Orleans story in “Drunken Moon,” and the rest reminscent of efforts by Nick Lowe and especially Elvis Costello from, say, the mid-1980s album “Blood and Chocolate.” Joseph’s ecstatic style of delivering lyrics in cascades along with an emotional growl is at its finest on a powerful rocker enjoy “Sparkle” or the quite Costello-esque ballad regarding political protest and repression, “Muzzle.”
“Attained musicality” is the method he describes the brand-new sound.
“Sometimes the most effective guys out there can easily sound like, you know, ‘Them,’ ” he says. “This music is groovier, much less of a sonic assault, and suddenly my whole catalog is on the table to play. It can easily sound enjoy Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons then it can easily sound different. It’s never been much more regarding the music and much less enjoy using a baseball bat … We let some light in to it.”

Keeping track of the calories in holiday alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Calories from holiday beverages can easily be a major contributor to unwanted physique weight and an increased waist line, “especially for those that are already overweight.”…according to one study; “over weight and over weight (individuals) were a lot more most likely to gain 5 pounds over the holidays compared to were those that were not over weight (regarding 1.05 pounds).

Previously we looked at these 8 strategies to manage consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic holiday beverages.

1. “Awareness of your drinking patterns during the holiday season is the very first strategy to outsmarting holiday weight gain from holiday beverages. Don’t “wing it” – make a strategy for how you can easily steer clear of ANY holiday weight gain including that from alcoholic beverages. Prior to you leave estate or invite guests over, consider your “triggers.” Do you discover once you open a bottle of wine you merely need to try it; put somebody else in charge of opening the bottle if you are attempting to steer clear of that extra taste. Is having an open bottle of wine in the fridge making it difficult for you to remain on your healthier consuming plan? Do you tell yourself “I may as well complete it’s” or “I can easily start my good consuming habits tomorrow?; modification your story; put a discouraging note on the bottle; strategy to have actually it along with a meal and take in to account the calories or if you do not want waste it, use it in food preparation … heat burns off the alcohol.”

2. If you preparing on drinking alcohol, limit yourself to 1 drink if you are watching your calories.

3. steer clear of the higher calorie mixers like eggnog, margarita mix, or frozen drinks made along with sugary flavored mixes and non-alcoholic beverages.

4. Are you tempted by the holiday alcoholic beverage displays in the local market to make a purchase steer clear of impulse buying. If alcohol is not on your shopping list – don’t buy it! Do not go meals shopping hungry, it will certainly increase your opportunities of impulse buying.

5. “Make a strategy to become “party savvy.” Know how to handle the hostess that keeps encouraging you to drink. One means to do this is to “always preserve a glass in your hand along with something in it.” As quickly as a hostess sees a guest along with an empty glass that is their trigger to say; “all set for another” or “I will certainly grab you another.” A glass along with some beverage (even non alcoholic) sends the message “I’m not done yet; still enjoying my drink.”

6. Alternate an alcoholic beverage along with a non alcoholic beverage like soda or water which helps hydration.

7. If you need to have actually that glass of white wine, think of extending it by turning it in to a spritzer by adding sparkling soda and ice and if you have actually a mixed drink made to order ask for a half part of alcohol.

8. “Go with a non alcoholic beverage, however don’t drown yourself in non alcoholic liquid calories. Holiday seasonal beverages – every little thing from Eggnog to Gingerbread Latte’s are addictive because of their higher sugar and often higher fat content. You can easily dial down the calories by selecting the non-fat versions of Eggnog, order your Latte’s “skinny” (i.e. along with non-fat milk) plus ask for sugar-free version (this alone can easily save you 100 calories). Hold the endless swirls of whipped cream and ask for merely a “dollup.”

Want to calculate your very own alcohol calorie consumption?

Click here for a link along with the calorie content of a lot more compared to 2 dozen different alcoholic beverages. Pay close attention to the part size.

This write-up is not intended to replace a one-on-one partnership along with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical/nutritional/fitness advice. write-up presented is subject to modification as additional discoveries are made or additional research is published. Links to various sites within blogs are provided for your convenience only and we are not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy of write-up provided or privacy practices of linked sites or for products or services described on these sites.

For additional information:

Holiday Drinking; preserve it Safe –, Heavy drinking at the holidays can easily be dangerous – strategy On Drinking Over The Holidays? Use Common Sense! –, National Institute of health: Alcohol and your health –, National Cancer Institute: Alcohol and Cancer Risk –

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